Running 2010

I have set a goal of running 1500 miles this year. I plan for those to all be outdoor miles, not treadmill miles. That would be 400 more miles than last year, so it will be a significant increase, but I think I can do it if I stay focused.

I would like to run 5 marathons this year, and close in on the 4 hour marathon mark. I have signed up for two relatively flat courses early in the year, Eugene in May and Newport in June, and think I might have a shot of coming close if I up my speedwork through the spring and can keep my cramps under control.

My plan had been to run the Hagg Lake 25K in February. Unfortunately it filled up before I could register. Instead Alice and I are going to head to Forest Park and go for a 20-miler. We still need to work out a route.

In March comes the Shamrock Run 15K. My only goal with that one is to be my time from last year. I think I can do that if I really put my mind to it. I would love to finish in under 1:20, but that might be a bit of a lofty goal.

April will be a return to Race for the Roses. It's a Half-Marathon, and will be good training for the Eugene Marathon as it comes three weeks before that date. My last year's time was pretty good, and I would love to match or beat it.

May will be the Eugene Marathon, and June will bring the Newport Marathon. At the end of July I'll be participating in the Cascade Lakes Relay for the first time. It looks to be a fun experience; the same concept as Hood to Coast with less people and better scenery.

No plans for August or September (yet!). Might head to New York to run the Rochester Marathon with my sister. October brings Portland, and November will be what is becoming my Thanksgiving tradition - the Seattle Marathon.

So all in all, lots of races and running goals for the new year. Here's to hoping my legs will hold up!

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