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Running 2010

I have set a goal of running 1500 miles this year. I plan for those to all be outdoor miles, not treadmill miles. That would be 400 more miles than last year, so it will be a significant increase, but I think I can do it if I stay focused.

I would like to run 5 marathons this year, and close in on the 4 hour marathon mark. I have signed up for two relatively flat courses early in the year, Eugene in May and Newport in June, and think I might have a shot of coming close if I up my speedwork through the spring and can keep my cramps under control.

My plan had been to run the Hagg Lake 25K in February. Unfortunately it filled up before I could register. Instead Alice and I are going to head to Forest Park and go for a 20-miler. We still need to work out a route.

In March comes the Shamrock Run 15K. My only goal with that one is to be my time from last year. I think I can do that if I really put my mind to it. I would love to finish in under 1:20, but that might be a bit of a loft…