I've been having a hard time to get motivated to run. I'm not sure if it is the cold weather or if I'm just a little burned out. My last really good runs were December 19/20 (11 mile road run; 8 mile trail run). I calculated all my running miles for the year though and discovered I only had another 10.73 to run and I would hit 1100 miles for the year! Thus I managed to lace up my shoes and head out into the 33 degree weather today for 7.15 miles. After the first mile I was hot and had to shed my long sleeve shirt. Felt pretty good. I was trying to cover 7 miles in under an hour but I didn't quite make it. Hit 7 miles at the 1:00:10, and finished the 7.15 in 1:01:27. Had two good hills in there and finished on a gradual incline back to my office for the last .44. Overall, not too bad. Only 3.58 left to go for the year!


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